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Vacuuming alone cannot keep your area rugs free from allergens, dust, and dirt. To maintain your area rugs clean and dust-free, we recommend a thorough and professional rug cleaning from our well-skilled rug cleaners. Here at Sims Professional Cleaning Service, we strive to use the latest equipment to fulfill all your rugs cleanliness requirements.

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Extensive Experience

All our team members have undergone thorough training and practice in area rug cleaning. This has enabled us to gain the skills and techniques that allow us to deliver superior results. Additionally, our company strives to hire technicians who have been in the industry for at least five years and who knows what it takes to clean an area rug thoroughly. We also encourage our team members to advance their education to keep up with the ever-changing customer needs.

Licensed and Certified

Nothing beats working with a team that offers legitimate services. This is why we want you to land on us. Our team has attained the set standards, thus being licensed and certified by the state board. We always display our qualification documents for clients’ clarification.

Fast and Affordable Services

We understand the importance of an area rug in your household. This is why we strive to clean your area rug in the shortest time possible. Besides being fast, we also strive to offer cost-effective services without compromising quality. This way, we’re able to accommodate the needs of all clients.

Solid Reputation

We acknowledge our professional team for building a solid reputation for our company. This has been possible because we always pay attention to detail and go an extra yard to exceed our customers’ expectations. The reviews and testimonials on our official website speak volumes about our services. They’re full of praise from our satisfied clients.

Modern Technology

Technology is quickly advancing, and our company hasn’t been left behind. We use the latest area rug cleaning equipment, models. We have also trained our team on how to use these equipment to deliver the best services.


Rug Cleaning Services- What We Do

  • Dust Removal

  • Washing

  • Rinsing


What We Do

Our experts use patented hot water extraction carpet cleaning methods in providing rug cleaning services. We often refer to it as steam cleaning because steam is emitted as we clean. The hot water extraction method allows us to effectively remove stains and dirt, leaving a clean area rug with no residues. Our team offers a free in-home demonstration of our area rug cleaning process to understand what we do before you schedule a cleaning. We follow the following set guidelines when cleaning your area rug;


Once you book an appointment, our technician will show up to your location for a thorough inspection of your area rug. This helps to identify any spots and stains that will require more attention. They also look for any rips and tears to prevent further damage during the cleaning process.

Dust Removal

We use a state-of-the-art washing rug that is equipped with a rug duster that uses compressed air to tap and remove any debris gently. Through this dust removal method, there will be less strain on the rug’s fiber. The method is more effective and gentle than shaking the rug.


Our experts then place your rug in a washing tank for a thorough wash. A star paddle is used to gently agitate the water to lift away the dirt without scrubbing the rub.


We then place the area rug in a centrifuge where it rinsed with cool water and then dried. We use a process that minimizes issues like shrinkage.

Final Inspection

After the area rug is dry, our professional technicians inspect it again. After making sure that it’s thoroughly cleaned, we then roll and bind it for delivery back to your property or pick up at our Sims Professional Cleaning Service facility.

Benefits of Our Area Rug Cleaning Services


  • Healthier Home Environment

  • Extended Rug Lifespan

  • Deeper Cleaning

  • Convenience


Sims Professional Cleaning Service is one of the few companies in Georgia that own exclusive area rug cleaning equipment. This means we can clean all types of rugs safely and effectively. The benefits of our services include but not limited to:

Healthier Home Environment

Area rugs not only protect your floors and add warmth to your home. They should also act as filters to trap dust and allergens that can trigger severe health issues. This is one of the reasons why you should have your area rugs regularly cleaned. With our advanced tools and expertise, we can thoroughly clean your area rugs. This enhances their ability to act as filters for debris and allergens, giving you a healthy living space. You’ll also rest easy knowing that your area rugs have been professionally cleaned.

Extended Rug Lifespan

Heavy traffic and debris buildup can shorten the lifespan of your area rugs. Fortunately, our experts know the best solutions and cleaning methods for your area rugs. This helps to get rid of debris and prevent excess wear. This keeps your area rugs looking beautiful all year round.

Deeper Cleaning

Cleaning area rugs by yourself can prove to be inefficient because you may lack the equipment and skills. Fortunately, our professionals will provide you with a much deeper clean process. This is by using cutting-edge equipment and cleaning solutions. We take a comprehensive approach where we thoroughly vacuum the rug before cleaning it.


Our company provides professional area rug cleaning services, where we pick up your area rug and transport it to our facility for cleaning. Once it’s thoroughly cleaned and dry, we transport it back to your home and return it to its original location. This way, you’ll be able to continue doing other tasks without disruption.

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