Sims Professional Cleaning Service Aids Medical Office To Overcome Cleaning Problem

Sims Professional Services Aids Medical Office To Overcome Cleaning Problem

Many Medical and Health Care offices come face to face with issues relating to the cleanliness of their office environment. The reasons for a dirty environment could be for several reasons, but this will be limited to three primary root causes: the cleaning people never show up; the cleaning people are careless about their job or are not doing it correctly, or some hygienic products maybe not correctly applied and cause cross-contamination between patients. These were the challenges a medical office in Atlanta, Georgia was facing alone before they turned to Sims Professional Cleaning Service for help.

Shannon, a manager from the medical office could vividly recount how unpleasant the experience was.

“There was one thing that we all knew for certain; the office was always filthy. Not just messy, but downright dirty. It was disturbing to me personally because I value a clean environment so much, and I didn’t know what to do about it. All of the staff I worked with had tried greasing the wheels of change within the company, but it didn’t seem to amount to anything. We all felt that there was no option except waiting to hire a professional to take care of the job. Fortunately for us, we encountered an Ad about SIMs commercial cleaning service and decided to try them out”

Shannon called us to help get the office cleaned up as it was always dirty and they were tired of having to clean it themselves. After taking the survey of the situation we came up with a plan to fix it.

“The Sims team finished their job and allowed us to continue working without the fear of being pricked by a dirty needle or breathing in dust. With the environmental issues that we are constantly faced with, we do need an effective cleaning service every other month. With this service that SIMs provides, we don’t have to worry about having a dirty office environment which has had positive effects on our medical records and patient retention”

Apart from the scheduled daily and weekly cleaning by our team of expert, also we created a closet system for all of their equipment in the back of the waiting room so that when their clients come in they are not all over the place and have somewhere to put their bags and coats. And we also installed some new medical lockers for each officer.

SIMS Professional Service showed the client why they were right to be worried about their dirty office. With Sim’s Cleaning Service providing services to the entire area, all their cleaning problem was addressed and the office looks sparkling and welcoming again.

Cleaning service is important not only for health reasons but because it gives the business a more professional image if the offices are clean. At Sim’s Cleaning Service we specialize in any office on-site cleaning that is required for our clients. Since we have a strong focus on building relationships and trust with our clients, we do more than just show up at offices to clean. Our team members understand that providing cleaning services is more than knocking on doors but strive to create a quality experience for our clients. Do not hesitate to contact us for your best cleaning experience.