To keep the old buildings in good condition.
To protect the historic fabric of the buildings.
It is important to first assess whether cleaning will benefit the building, as it can cause damage, either during cleaning, or during a period of time after completion.

The client must be consulted in this process so that he is aware of the possible outcomes and accepts quality standards for work.

Other considerations may include:

The cause of the problem, i.e. whether it is due to a construction defect, lack of maintenance, moisture, etc.
Whether it causes damage and / or damage to the building.
Possible damage to the fabric of the building as a result of cleaning.

How long should the fabric last, in its clean state?
The most common cleaning agent is water, however, this can cause problems (such as atomization) if not used with care, along with the most suitable chemicals. A typical technique is to apply water to the surface using a pressure washer. Pre-soaking pops the microscopic pores with water, keeping chemicals on the surface and protecting from deeper penetration.

Remove the paint or remove the paint.
Manual or electric brushes.
Moriatic acid wash.
Power washing.

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