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Unlike the wooden floors, carpets hide a lot of dirt and grime. As a result, periodic cleaning is a necessity to keep them clean always. With the busy weekly schedules running from Mondays to Fridays and sometimes stretching into weekends, it is sometimes hard to find time to do the frequent cleaning yourself. That’s where we come in. At Sims Professional Cleaning Service LLC, we excel at offering above-average carpet cleaning. In over a decade of operations, we have grown to be the best carpet cleaning service with over 1200 happy clients.  Additionally we offer bonnet cleaning and hot water extraction for the carpet and office tile rug cleaning Duluth, GA and nearby residents need.

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How We Clean Carpets

The method we use in cleaning your carpets relies on your needs. Before we decide on the right way to do it, we analyze what you want, your budget, type of carpet, and how soon you want to use it. After that, we settle only for what will give splendid results and not inconvenience your operations. The main methods we use are hot water extraction and bonnet cleaning.

Hot Water Extraction Cleaning Method

It is commonly known as steam carpet cleaning. In this method, we use hot water mixed with cleaning agents to agitate the carpet fibers to dissolve all dust particles and dirt on the carpet. After this, we leave the cleaning agents to settle shortly in the carpets to ensure all dirt dissolves, then use carpet cleaning equipment to wash and rinse it all off.  Although this system takes time, since the carpet takes at least four hours to dry, it is ideal for heavily soiled carpets and works wonders on stained surfaces. Fixed schedules shouldn’t deny you the chance to enjoy the freshness of a well-washed carpet. Our professionals will get to work on your mat in the evening, let it dry overnight, and get it ready for use by morning. This means that even businesses running seven days a week can get the service.

Bonnet Cleaning Method

In bonnet cleaning, we use polymers to encapsulate and crystallize dirt and stains and then immediately vacuum them out. The polymers work like small sponges, while the crystals absorb and hold the dust, leaving no sticky residue after vacuuming.

Since this method uses shallow moisture, it is an excellent choice for hoteliers and high traffic places since you don’t need to give the carpet time to dry. Similarly, we do it during the scheduled cleanings after deep cleaning to ensure that your carpet stays clean. The main advantages of bonnet cleaning include the following.

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How We Charge For Our Services

Our prices are the best on the market. We don’t charge a level rate because we know every customer has different needs and is working on different budgets. To ensure that our customers receive the best services and within their budgets, we analyze every project's requirements and customer expectations and then come up with a comfortable price and process that is comfortable for both of us.

After the initial deep cleaning, we charge a flat rate depending on the frequency of services and your home's size.

Other Services We Offer

Cleaning and maintaining upholstery and drapes are a challenge to many homeowners. While hiring someone to do the cleaning for you, it's essential to scrutinize your list keenly to ensure you work with the best. Our team has experience removing pollens, dirt, and other allergens from your upholstery and drapes without straining the fabric.

Similarly, we do office cleaning, tile and grout and we take pride in offering the best wood floor cleaning as well as VCT/vinyl cleaning and waxing.

Why Us?

Exceptional Staff 

 We believe in quality. We aspire to provide customers with real value for their money. As a result, we ensure that we only hire the best employees. Our recruitment procedure involves a rigorous process, and close background checks to ensure that the employees we absorb are trained and licensed to offer the services they subscribe to.

Peace of Mind

We understand what you may need. As a result, we put together cleaning, janitorial and maid services in one place so that you don't have to deal with different people for these services. This arrangement makes the process easier and accessible to you. And the fact that they are you get them in one place makes it even cheaper. Hiring from us assures your peace of mind as you relax, knowing you are obtaining services from the best.


Our experienced staff is always ready and on alert to bring services to your location anywhere in Athens, Winder, Hoschton, Gainesville, and the surrounding areas. After our professionals do the cleaning, we send another representative to your site to inspect and write a report on the level of service offered.

We also value customer feedback and happiness. As a result, we ensure that the services offered are flawless, and your carpets and compounds are spotlessly clean. Our experienced cleaners also provide advice on the right way to care for your carpets to ensure that they last longer and serve you better.  

Our employees get training to act professionally and with much care to eliminate risks of accidents caused by negligence. Here, we promise your satisfaction. Don't strain much on the weekend after a tiresome week to give a thorough cleaning to your home. Relax and use this time for family bonding, shopping, or giving yourself a treat while we restore your home's glory. 

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