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What Are the Benefits of Hiring Commercial Cleaning Service in Hoschton, GA?

Once you have commercial space, it’s time to start thinking about commercial cleaning services in Hoschton. Sure, cleaning your commercial space can be a huge pain. You don’t want to put the time and effort into learning how to clean commercial spaces by yourself unless you absolutely have to.  We specialize in commercial carpet cleaning, office cleaning and floor waxing service.

Searching for commercial cleaning services in Hoschton, GA, it’s time to get in touch with the commercial cleaners at Sims Professional Cleaning Service. Not only can they help with commercial cleaning services in Hoschton, but they also specialize in commercial carpet cleaning. Waiting for your commercial space to have a clean and inviting look, commercial carpet cleaning is essential.

When you think about  commercial buildings, commercial carpet cleaning is essential to maintaining a commercial space that looks great. Commercial carpet cleaning helps commercial spaces look fantastic and leave commercial tenants feeling more satisfied.

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

When it comes to commercial carpet cleaning, trust the experts at Sims Professional Cleaning Service. Our team has more than 15 years of combined experience in this field. We’ve seen how different companies go about cleaning carpets and we know what works best for you.

No matter the size of your business, we’re here to help. Sims Professional Cleaning Service commercial carpet cleaning are available for a variety of businesses, including:

• Restaurants and hotels

• Retail stores and shopping malls

• Office buildings and other commercial facilities

Personally we can clean any type of commercial carpet. Some of our favorites are Berbers, Saxonies, and friezes. We’re happy to clean any type of commercial carpeting.

Exceptional Quality You Can Trust

I could tell you that we use the latest cleaning technologies available, but that wouldn’t mean much to you. What you need to know is that we provide exceptional commercial carpet cleaning and exceptional customer service. We’re incredibly thorough when it comes to our work, and we want you to be just as satisfied with the results.

Floor Waxing Service

       Hiring a floor waxing service can offer many benefits for your home or business.  Where would we be without the assistance of friends and family? However, as much as we appreciate those who support us, not everyone is equipped to do every task. A floor waxing service may be exactly what you need to make your floors shine.

1. Appearance – Your floor is the first thing people see when they walk in your door or enter your office.  Hiring a floor waxing service can provide that added touch to make sure it stands out for all of the right reasons. Waxed floors look great and will add value to your home.

2. Safety – A properly waxed floor can be much safer than a floor that has never been waxed before.  Slip and fall accidents are far too common around the world and they’re entirely avoidable by simply taking the time to maintain your floors. A professional service will make sure that your floors stay free of debris and safe to walk on at all times.

3. Time – We all lead busy lives and often don’t have the time to take care of every aspect of our businesses by ourselves.   Hiring a floor waxing service can help you save time so that you can spend it doing other things.

4. Protection – A well maintained floor is protected floor.  Without the proper maintenance, even the finest of floors can become damaged beyond repair in a relatively short amount of time. Protecting your investment through waxing services will ensure that your floors look great for longer and you’ll save money in the long run.  

Our team also specializes in cleaning hard surface flooring, including concrete, vinyl, ceramic, stone, and many more.

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office cleaning in hoschton ga

Office Cleaning

So, you’re the manager of your office. You have a lot on your plate – securing funding, allocating resources, dealing with staff issues – but one thing that keeps bugging you is the office cleaning. The floor is dirty! There are coffee stains in random places! Why can’t it all be tidied up?

The trouble is, you’re simply too busy to do the clean between shifts between other members of staff. You can’t risk your expensive IT equipment being broken or dirtied, but you also need to keep the operating budget under control.

Well, fear not! Office cleaning doesn’t always have to take up huge chunks of time (or money) if there are the best  office cleaning  services available. 

Cleanliness is important when it comes to healthy, happy employees. Just remember – keeping the workplace clean should never mean that you’re not paying attention to other things that need doing! If you keep your eye on the ball,  the staff  and the bottom line, you’re almost guaranteed to be running a successful company with an office that looks as good as new.  Don’t miss out on this amazing office cleaning service.

Office cleaning is a pain point for managers. Luckily, there are simple solutions to office cleaning problems – hire janitors. Using office upkeep plans, managers can hire office cleaning services to make sure their office is always looking its best.

Window Cleaning

Yes, we do window cleaning! Our experts can clean the windows’ outsides or insides using equipment and methods that leave your windows sparkling. We understand that window cleaning can be hazardous; that’s why we’ve thoroughly trained our staff on equipment use and fall protection. We also comply with the state’s safety standards and are fully bonded and insured.

Construction Cleanup

If your commercial building is going through renovation or expansion, the construction debris can be unappealing and dangerous to the employees and customers. Our well-skilled team can clean up all the materials and unwanted items left behind by the construction crew. Whether you need routine or same-day cleanup, you can always count on us.

Emergency and Disaster Cleanup

Some events happen when least expected and require emergency cleanup. Timing is essential in such situations to minimize the risk of further damage. Our team at Sims is available 24-hours a day and seven days a week to handle such emergencies. Whether it’s fire damage cleanup or water damage cleanup, we’ll have your building back to the pre-disaster state in the shortest time possible.

Commercial Pressure Washing

In addition to interior cleaning services, our team also provides services to keep the exterior of your property looking great. Some of our exterior services include pressure washing for your parking lot, concrete, and building’s exterior.

Customer Attraction and Satisfaction

There are many ways of attracting customers, and cleanliness is one of them. Basic cleaning practices may not work best for you. Fortunately, our team will customize cleaning services to best suit your business needs. This way, we ensure that clients are walking into a neat environment and one that has fresh air. This is an assurance of high-quality services.

Access Full Suite Office Cleaning

With our professional team, you’ll access a wide range of office cleaning . We can offer upholstery cleaning, commercial carpet cleaning, wall cleaning, drapery cleaning, and many more. We also offer fumigation and pest control services. We offer these services under one roof, which saves you time and money.

Enhances A Healthy Working Environment

The law requires company owners to provide a safe working place for both employees and customers. Sims can help you achieve these goals. We not only focus on making the workplace clean but also using environmentally friendly products. We remove pathogens, debris, mold, allergens, and more deep-seated dirt where basic cleaning activities cannot reach. By eliminating all these, your working environment becomes pest free, preventing anyone within the premises from infections and allergic reactions.

Increases Business Productivity

Health is wealth! A clean working environment boosts employees’ morale. With our janitorial services, your workers will rest easy as they focus on their particular activities. They’ll be content and motivated, which will increase their performance and general business productivity.

High-Quality Cleaning Services

You can rely on us for outstanding commercial cleaning . All our team members have undergone thorough training on best practices that also focus on the hard to reach areas. We are, therefore, licensed and certified by the state board. We also use advanced equipment and cleaning techniques to ensure we meet your requirements. We always continue researching and furthering our education on high-quality cleaning to keep up with the ever-changing office cleaning requirements.

Saves Cost

Huge losses often occur due to ineffective cleaning practices around the workplace. When left unattended, the dirt can accumulate in the office carpets and furniture. The management will incur huge costs to repair or replace them. Fortunately, our janitorial services can help to save such costs. You’ll also save you money because you don’t need to buy cleaning products and equipment. Our company is well equipped with everything required to deliver superior results.

24/7 Availability

One thing that keeps us ahead of other commercial cleaning companies is that we offer around the clock services. Our lines of communication are also always active, and you can reach us anytime you need us most.

If you’re looking for the best in Hoschton and the surrounding areas, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be at your office.