Sims Professional Cleaning Service: Banks are Our Business

Banks are an important part of the services offered by Sims Professional Cleaning Service!

Sims Professional Cleaning Service understands that the banking world is highly competitive and that appearance is critical. We deliver our acclaimed 5 Star Hotel Clean to your bank or other financial institution so that your facility is spotlessly clean and shining to make the best possible impression on all who enter.

Banking is serious business and the average person would be more than a little put off if they went into a bank and found it dirty and untidy with an uncared for look. After all, people might reasonably assume that if a bank couldn’t even manage to take care of its premises, it might not be a safe bet to take care of someone’s hard earned money, either.

To ensure that your bank always puts its best foot forward and presents a professional appearance, you should go with a cleaner that is professional, as well.

bank cleaning

Special Needs of Cleaning Banks

Banks have special needs when it comes to cleaning and at Sims Professional Cleaning Service; we are well aware of those needs and will meet them with competence.

For example, we understand the sensitive and special nature of “teller trash” along with many other types of confidential documents. We recognize the necessity of special trash removal procedures, too, and you can rest assured that we will take all precautions to protect the confidentiality of your business.

The high security demands of a bank are of paramount importance to Sims Professional Cleaning Service!

Banks and High Security

Due to the nature of the banking business, high security is a must. At Sims Professional Cleaning Service, we go the extra mile to satisfy a bank’s requirement for security.

All of our employees are experienced in working with various alarms and coded access systems. Maintaining your confidentiality is key to our goal of providing your bank with the best possible commercial cleaning service!

Our employees undergo extensive background checks and training before being assigned to jobs, so no worries about the character or capabilities of the cleaning service when you choose ours.

We can handle any and all types of commercial cleaning for your bank or other financial institution such as credit unions, loan companies and more.

Bank Cleaning Services

Here are some of the commercial cleaning services we provide:

Clean and disinfect restrooms
Clean kitchens, coffee areas and lounges
Clean light fixtures, baseboards, ceilings and counters
Clean and straighten reception areas and foyers (elevators too)
Dispose of trash using special procedures for sensitive materials
Floor stripping and waxing
Carpet cleaning
And More

When you use Sims Professional Cleaning Service, you can expect the best results every time—time after time.

Keep your bank shining like a new penny with Sims Professional Cleaning Service and find out for yourself what makes us an award winning business that you can trust to deliver the type of special service needed by banks and financial institutions!

Sims Professional Cleaning Service

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