Six Ways To Keep Your Carpet Looking New

Six Ways To Keep Your Carpet Looking New


A carpet can be a great addition to any home, but it also needs the proper care to keep looking nice. Professional carpet cleaning services are an option for homeowners who want their carpet to look its best all year long without having to worry about scrubbing stains themselves. Here are six ways that carpet owners can keep their carpet looking new with professional carpet cleaning services.


1. Schedule carpet cleaning twice per year to get mud, grit and other stains out of carpet fibers before they have time to settle in.

2. If a carpet gets stained, clean it up as soon as possible with a commercial carpet cleaner product or simple detergent and water solution. Dried stains are more difficult to remove and will be difficult to remove in carpet cleaning.

3. Avoid spilling liquids on carpet wherever possible, as this can damage carpet fibers or create a stain that is difficult to get out.

4. Take off shoes when entering the home, especially when it’s wet outside, which can bring mud and other substances into carpet fibers.

5. Keep carpeting as dry as possible to minimize the opportunity for mold growth.

6. Vacuum carpet regularly to remove surface dirt and grit that can create discoloration, damage carpet fibers or exacerbate existing problems such as carpet odors.

These six methods will help carpet owners keep their carpet looking new for years after installation. Hiring carpet cleaning professionals to complete carpet cleaning services twice per year can also help ensure that carpet isn’t damaged or discolored by other types of spills, stains and odors.

Carpet owners who choose carpet cleaning professionals for carpet cleaning services can avoid having to scrub out tough stains by themselves and keep their carpet looking new longer with minimal effort.


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