Post Construction Cleaning

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  • CategoryHome, Office
  • ClientRealtor
  • Start Date8/22/2020
  • End Date8/22/2020
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Building and reconstruction project cleaning are dirty work which some individuals cannot handle the cleaning, in cases like this they prefer a professional to do the cleaning service for them. When the construction or project work is done and the dust and dirt’s has surrounded the building whether internally or externally.

Construction comes with a lot of mess during the process of construction there appears to be a lot of waste, dust and other substances that can litter and disfigure your homes or office if it is not properly cleared when the construction project is done. It is very unpleasant to live or stay in an unhealthy and chaotic environment, during construction there are a lot of mess that will be left behind and this can hinder your health. Dust and other particles cause air pollution and this can cause respiratory issues. So therefore after post construction, there is a need for rigorous cleaning which must be done by experts. This is where our company comes in through our post construction services, the company will get your ambiance tidy up after renovations are done. 


We are expert in post construction cleanup, your building debut is our priority and with Sims, the interior and exterior of your property will not only be tidy up but also smell nice and fresh. After construction, our company will conduct an effective clean up so that your new building or space will be ready for inspection, lease or sale.