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Hardwood Floor Cleaning Service Hoschton Ga

It is important to hire a hardwood floor cleaning service in Hoschton Ga so your floors can look their best. To do this, you will need to invest in a hardwood floor cleaning service that does more than just clean the surface of the wood. When it comes to deep cleaning, our company has all of the latest equipment and products needed for an effective process. We have years of experience with restoring old and new wood floors alike.  We also offer wood floor wax removal service.

Wood floor cleaning is one of the most popular services that you can have done in your home. Many wood floors are one of the largest investments that you will make in your lifetime and it makes sense to keep them in top shape for as long as possible. Even if wood floors aren’t considered a luxury good, they might be considered a small piece of art and wood floor cleaning can help keep them looking like a masterpiece for years to come.

Many wood floors are made from rare wood species that you will only find in select locations in the world. From wood harvested from deep within the Amazon rainforest, to wood that has been dead under water for centuries; wood floors can be one of nature’s finest pieces of art.

Every wood floor is different, which means that hardwood floor cleaning must be done differently to satisfy each wood floors specific needs. Some wood floors are installed using glue and nails, while others are crafted by hand using traditional construction techniques like dovetail or tongue-in-groove joinery. Wood floors can also be made from wood that has been milled, or wood that has been stickered and dried.  You may knew to try out wood floor wax removal service.

A wood floor’s materials and installation method can determine the best wood floor cleaning process, so it is important to use a wood floor cleaner who knows what they are doing. A good wood floor cleaner will understand how to care for popular wood species such as oak wood, maple wood, walnut wood and some tropical species.

Wood floor wax removal in Hoschton Ga

Our Wood Floor Cleaner is a special product. It will clean, polish, and protect all types of hardwood floors. This will make your wood floors last longer. Sims Professional has the best service for cleaning your floors. They’ll be free of dirt, grime, and scuff marks on your flooring when you use them! You can also use them to refinish your hardwood floors if you want.  This is part of the wood floor cleaning service.  By using our wood floor wax removal service, you want have sticky floors.

Why Hire Us 

If you are looking to hire professionals to help clean your hardwood floors, we will surely serve your interests. Let’s see why you should consider seeking services from us.


After more than 10 years of restoring the beauty of homes, our employees have built a reputation of bringing old, dirty, and run down hardwood floors back to life. We use cleaning equipment and techniques, specially designed for cleaning floors to give you results above the bar.

In a bid to provide the best services to our clients, we subject our employees to rigorous recruitment processes. We also do a thorough background check for our candidates to ensure that they know what they are subscribing to before absorbing them. This process ensures that you get superb results.

Cleaning Procedures

Every house is unique and has different features. We understand that what your needs do not resemble what others want. As a result, we evaluate your space to develop a discrete cleaning method that meets your needs and falls in your budget.

We value the health of our customers and everyone at your home. We also have great respect for the environment. As a result, we use safe, eco-friendly products to ensure that your family, especially kids and pets’ health, are not put at risk. After frequent scrubbing and washing, your floors will likely look dull and old. Our expert cleaner will assess your house to see if it needs stripping and waxing or spray buffing and burnishing can renew the looks.

Also, note that not all cleaning products are right for your wood floors. Most vinyl and tile cleaners can damage your floor. When you opt for harsh chemicals, ensure that they are certified for use with Green guard Gold. Similarly, consider your flooring’s finish before applying any method. That is why you should consider hiring a professional to do the work for you. Let our experts at Sims Professionals determine the cleaning suitable for your floor and the right equipment to use.

We take pride in cleaning and restoring all kinds of wood floors, whether new or vintage. We know about extracting dirt and ground-in soil in laminate, VCT, and hardwood floors. Our services don’t just end after the deep cleaning; we continue to inspect and do routine cleaning to keep your house perfectly clean. 

Since wood floors don’t hide dirt and grime like the carpets, soil particles cause scratching in high traffic locations and lead to premature wearing of the woods. As a result, we recommend frequent vacuuming and mopping as well as taking precautionary measures to minimize soiling on the floor. The easiest way of doing this is by placing mats at the house entrance and introducing a boot area where everyone inside can remove their boots during the rainy season.

Moisture settling on your floor for long also destroys wood floors. Therefore, we do low moisture cleaning and mostly encourage damp mop or vacuum cleaners. Our professionals will surely give you the best services. 


During this pandemic season, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommend frequent cleaning, sanitization, and disinfecting regularly touched surfaces to keep safe from the Coronavirus. At Sims Professional Cleaning Services, we value the health of our customers as well as employees. And for that reason, we offer cleaning and sanitizing all frequently touched surfaces like tabletops, countertops, and office tables. We know that sanitization only reduces the number of germs to a safe level. As a result, we also do disinfection to eliminate viruses and bacteria.

We have your safety in mind. As a result, we use eco-friendly and harmless products to you, your kids, and pets. We also understand that dusters and cleaning rags can act as mediums for transferring germs, bacteria, and allergens. To avoid this, we use new dusters and clean clothes for every job we are hired to do.

Flexibility and Affordability

With schedules running all the days of the week, expectations from family and friends, and the desire to maintain your mental health, a laborious cleaning and thorough glamorizing of your business or home premises can always remain a dream. Don’t worry. Party, spend time with family, go shopping, and boost your productivity because we’ve got your back. Our very experienced cleaners will come to your premises with the right tools and make your dream come true. Our cleaners are the best, and we offer a service that you can always count on. 

Our Prices Are Very Fair

We evaluate your cleaning needs, the size of your home and available cleanup methods to come up with a system that guarantees superb results and does not dent your wallets. During the scheduled post-cleanup services, we charge a flat rate, in consideration with the frequency you choose and the size of your home. 

Imagine the trouble of having to hire three groups of people to give you services. The management and costs automatically are high. That’s why, alongside thorough office cleaning services, we also offer janitorial services to businesses and homeowners. We understand how hard cleaning up after construction is and make this easier by including post-construction cleaning in our cart. 

We know you love the feeling of having someone obligate to offer cleaning and maintaining the look around your home. That is why we offer maid services in weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly intervals, so you get time to concentrate on your productivity.

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