What is the best carpet product:
Shampoo or powder? Most people choose either carpet powder or shampoo when cleaning carpets at home. . Shampoo products take hours to function, which prevents the room from being used until the carpet has dried out. While using a broom saves time and gives the same result. Whatever product you use, be sure to read the instructions and follow the instructions.  And always remember when using any new cleaning product to test it on a small area first. Easy ways to remove stains from carpets It is preferable to get rid of modern stains as quickly as possible before they actually dry out and interfere with the fibers of the carpets, but always remember not to scrub them but rather to pat them to prevent the stains from spreading onto the carpet or penetrating deeply into it.
Knowing that you can clean the stains with a detergent, we offer some useful methods for removing stains based on the source of the stain: To remove sticky stains, such as gum, put them on a cube of ice until they become solid before removing them.

To remove unpleasant smell stains, use an equal mixture of vinegar and warm water, and apply on the stain with a cloth. You can now keep carpets free from odors and stains. Enjoy more fresh and brighter rooms!


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