Commercial Cleaning for Schools and Dorms

Commercial Cleaning for Schools and Dorms


Schools and dorms benefit from a commercial cleaning service with the knowledge and experience to do the job professionally and thoroughly.  From classroom to cafeteria, teacher’s and student lounges, restrooms and everything in between; you need a commercial cleaning service that can keep your educational facility clean, hygienic and attractive for students, faculty and visitors alike.  With so many tragedies occurring in schools across the nation these days, it may be even more important than ever to maintain an educational facility that is reassuring by virtue of being neat, clean and tidy. Not say that this will prevent a tragedy such as the Newtown or Columbine incidents; but at least a freshly cleaned will have a reassuring effect on just about everyone.  One of the most critical spaces to be kept clean and free from dirt, clutter and debris in schools of all sorts is the floor.


Commercial Floor Cleaning


You need to choose a commercial cleaning service that has the experience as well as the equipment to do a thorough, professional job on both hard surface floors and carpeted areas. Both types of floors call for specialized cleaning.


Hard surface floors, especially in high traffic areas such as schools, have special requirements when it comes to cleaning. They tend to scuff, get sticky and develop a film that makes the whole floor look dirty. Periodically, these hard surface floors will need to be stripped, scrubbed and waxed. This includes any grout, edging or spaces.


Carpeted areas are a whole other kettle of fish cleaning wise. Carpet is a considerable investment and if not cared for properly, you will find yourself having to replace it more often than would be necessary with regular cleaning. It doesn’t take long for it to look really dirty if it doesn’t receive routine shampooing to get in there and scrub out grime and germs.


At Sims Professional Cleaning Service Commercial Cleaning, we use eco-friendly anti-static, disinfectant, deodorizing agent, and mold/mildew inhibitors for carpet that does a fantastic job of keeping your carpet clean and new looking longer.


Cleaning for Dorms


Dorms need to be kept clean and tidy, especially social areas that are shared by all. Sims Professional Cleaning Service can do intensive summer cleaning of dorms and also routine cleaning throughout the school year. 

A dirty dorm and school leads to sickness and missed classes, so having a professional cleaning team come in at regular intervals can do a lot to cut down on sickness and absenteeism. 

Our thoroughly trained and professional staff of cleaners have all undergone complete background checks and trained by experts in our unique 5 star hotel clean methods. We use a U-Shaped cleaning technique that ensures all surfaces, including contact surfaces that are apt to spread germs, get sparkling clean and sanitary.


Your commercial cleaning for a school and/or dorm needs to be a trusted, reliable company and that’s just what you get with Sims Professional Cleaning Service , so contact us today for a free quote!  470-488-9705


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